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This is the best they could do ?


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I am dumbfounded after watching that mess....Is this really the best they can do with the season right there in front of them? I mean you are playing a 4 win team...decent weather in Dec., you are in first place...COME ON !!! I have suffered through alot of NYJ BS losses, but this season is quickly moving up the chart as one of the worst. At least when they were just terrible you didn't expect much, but this team has talent, and although older, they have a legit leader, hell they have a few. I am so tired of watching wasted talent, Sutton's D is Terrible.....I know the HC is held accountable...but Sutton is just AWEFUL!! Shotty's O is no better.....WAKE the **** up Jets......the whole season is about to pass you by. And once Again we the fans will be beaten down, and have our hearts ripped out. DAMN IT !

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