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Looking at the schedules...


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NY Jets (8-5)

vs. Buffalo Bills

at Seattle Seahawks

vs. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins (8-5)

vs. San Francisco 49ers

at Kansas City Chiefs

at New York Jets

New England Patriots (8-5)

at Oakland Raiders

vs. Arizona Cardinals

at Buffalo Bills

Miami and New England have 2 road games as opposed to the Jets who have two home games. The Jets have the tougher schedule given the two division games. Just have to win all three. No other way to do it. I would bank on the Phins being 10-5 when we play them. If the Cardinals have nothing to play for they probably will not play a ton of their starters. Cannot rely on others for the playoffs. Have to just sack up and win three straight games.

Bring it on :box:

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