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Just because its 14-7 in the 3rd quarter...


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Does not mean its time to get away from the running game. 11 carries by Thomas Jones & Leon Washington combined? ELEVEN F'ING CARRIES!!!??? You have the leading rusher in the AFC with over 4.6ypc average and you give him the ball TEN ****ING TIMES? TEN TIMES!!!!??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

I was sick to begin with the past two days and now I feel like even more **** waking up today and dealing with this garbage. This coaching staff is complete ****ing garbage. I don't know if the defense is Mangini or Sutton but I know the offense is Brian Schottenheimer and after a nice two game stretch, he completly **** the f'ing bed once again. Its 14 to ****ing 7, you can still run the ball. Just like if you're up 14-7 you can still throw it.


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i'm all for big schotty coming in. i'd take a loss in the playoffs to losses to the broncos, raiders and 49ers. hell, we almost lost to the chiefs.

Hell NO!

I don't want Cowher either. This organization/fanbase wouldn't have let him sniff the 16 years it took him to win a championship. Wouldn't it be ironic if we brought in one of the Ryan's to be HC? I would love to see what Spagnuolo could do.

Do we think that Mike T will let Mangini go without also leaving?

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