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Jets Potential Paths to the Playoffs

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The plan is to update the playoff race every week. I believe every scenario is accurate, but just send me a note if there are any corrections or additions.

The Jets have 5 ways that they can finish the season and still win the division after the poor showing in San Francisco. The most important game the Jets have left on the schedule is the game in week 17 against the Miami Dolphins. There is only one bizarre scenario where they can lose to the Dolphins and still win the division so that is going to be a must win. The Bills game this week is as close to a must win as there can be and a loss would mean the Jets need help against the Patriots if they want to win the division at that point.

If the Jets were to lose the division could they still grab a wildcard? Possibly. The Colts are just about out of reach. One more AFC win clinches all the tiebreakers for the Colts, so realistically they would need to finish the year 0-3 for the Jets to jump them. Baltimore is the realistic target for the Jets as long as the Jets beat Miami. If the Jets beat Miami the Ravens and Jets would tie in common games and the next tiebreaker would be strength of victory which should favor the Jets since the Ravens do not have many big wins on the resume this season. If the Jets defeat Buffalo and Miami, they will need Baltimore to lose two game of their remaining games. If they lose to Jacksonville and Pittsburgh the Jets would eliminate them based on AFC record. If they lose to Dallas and Pittsburgh they likely eliminate them based on SOV. If they lose to Dallas and Jacksonville it probably gets trickier since the Steeler win helps them immensely in SOV. While there should be a 9-7 wildcard scenario it is very unlikely and not even worth considering right now.

Here are the divisional tiebreakers:

1. Jets go 3-0 to finish 11-5

Clinch the division

2. Jets go 2-1, sweeping Miami and Buffalo to finish 10-6:

Clinch division if New England loses to either Oakland, Arizona or Buffalo.

3. Jets go 2-1, beating Buffalo and losing to Miami, to finish 10-6:

Clinch division if:

Miami loses to San Francisco and Kansas City AND either New England loses to Buffalo or New England loses to both Oakland and Arizona

4. Jets go 2-1, beating Miami and losing to Buffalo, to finish 10-6:

Clinch division if:

New England loses to Buffalo OR

New England loses to Oakland and Arizona OR

New England loses to either Oakland or Arizona AND Miami beats San Francisco and Kansas City.

5. Jets go 1-2, beating Miami, to finish 9-7:

Clinch division if: Miami loses to either San Francisco or Kansas City AND New England loses to two of the following teams: Oakland, Arizona, and Buffalo OR

Miami loses to San Francisco or Kansas City AND New England loses to Oakland, Arizona, and Buffalo

Results the Jets want in week 15:

Pittsburgh over Baltimore

Detroit over Indianapolis

San Francisco over Miami

Oakland over New England

Carolina over Denver

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I would just be excited to see a competent half of football at this point. Good work with the paths..going to be interesting

i would be happy to see a competent offensive series.

i dont have lofty dreams like you do, 4h ;)

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As much as I want to read that and talk about how this team can make the playoffs and what team we would prefer getting in th playoffs....I just cant do it.

There is nothing this team has shown over the last 2 weeks that gives me any confidence in them...I feel as these losses totally negate what they have done this season so far.

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I don't care how we do it, I just want to make it and have a home game and take it from there. I also want no part of Indianapolis.

I think the Jets will make the playoffs. There is a lot of talent on this team, we have all seen it. But for some reason, in the last two weeks, something has gone a miss.

I think coaching is a lot of it but I also think there may be some personality issues between the players and the coaching staff.

Yeah, the Colts are looking better and better. Being from Indy, I am also a Colts fan but their victory didnt even come close to mending the sting of the Jets loss.

I still believe the Jets will get it together.

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