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If you like offensive shootouts...


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DO NOT watch this weeks Steelers/Ravens game !!

**Consider this your warning** (Bronzey !!) ;)

I, on the other hand, will be enjoying a pure knock down, drag out battle of 2 great defenses trying to knock the living hell out of whomever gets the ball for the opposition. That is how this rivalry goes. Right now, these are the 2 best defenses in football too IMO. Look at the defensive rosters of these 2 teams and the average fan can even point out at least a few potential HOF'ers... I don't consider that bragging either. Both D's are just that good imo.

Yeah sure one team could concievably score 30 points or so due to a big play or busted coverage here and there, but the way these D's are playing right now i can't see either one of em' having breakdowns. Main reason being Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed are both at the top of their game. Either will not let anything get behind em'.

I honestly think this will be a game for the ages. At least a game for those football purists that LOVE hard hitting, great defense!

I can see a 17-13 type of game at best.

How do you guys see that thing unfolding?

Do ya's even care ? ;)

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I think I speak for everyone here when I say "go get them Ravens"... We here in the AFC East would like to have some wiggle room for a wildcard spot and those Ravens stand in our way. Go Steelers :cheers:

Hadn't even realized that. I don't think anyone expected the ratbirds to be in this position this late in the season. There damn defense refuses to grow old! lol

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