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Portis vs. Zorn, the Quotes [updated]


So we officially have a chemistry problem. Clinton Portis unloaded on Jim Zorn during today's John Thompson Show appearance, over and over again. He swore, he suggested maybe he should go on the injured reserve, he offered to become a cheerleader, and he said this, when asked what adjustments should be made. "We got a genius for a head coach, I don't know, I'm sure he on top of things. He's got everything figured out. Hey, that's up to him. All I can do is when he calls a play is go out and try to execute to the best of my ability."

And then later, on the big picture, he had this to say:

"I don't know where it went wrong, all I know is it's going wrong. So, you know, maybe I'm the problem. Maybe I'm the problem since I don't practice, since I'm the only person that don't practice and come out and play and try to give it what I've got, maybe I'm the problem. So I might need to be on IR."

Zorn's response, an hour later, to Portis's claims that he was benched?

"Well, any time you don't go in, that's the way you feel," Zorn said. "And he is a big part of our offense and he's sitting on the bench, he's got to feel like he's benched, I don't blame him for that."

And Zorn on the IR question: "No, I think he's gotten himself healthy, I think he felt a lot better after this game and I'm looking forward to having him out there on every snap, practicing [and] getting ready for the Cincinnati Bengals so we can use him as our every down back."

And lastly, Zorn on the practice issue: "It wasn't that we weren't getting the running ability, he was doing great things, his effort was high. He would tell you this and I agree with him wholeheartedly, that when he is playing the game he's giving you his best effort and I've said this over and over again, he's very wicked on the playing field, he's what you want....Each week I felt like in certain parts of the game he was getting out on routes but it wasn't exact and quick. And I thought, 'ok here's an opportunity for us to get Ladell in, who HAS practiced.' And he knows it just because he's rehearsed it and rehearsed it. I think [Portis is] a confident player and he would believe he can do it without reps, I just made the decision not to give him that chance.

More Portis quotes:

On his coaches: "If my coaches don't feel like I can get it done, put me on the sidelines. You feel like I can help this team, put me on the field, and that's all I've got to say about it....I don't have to confront them. They know what they've got. They know what's standing on the sideline. Five weeks ago, three weeks ago, four weeks ago when I'm sitting first in the NFL and all of the sudden we don't run the ball no more? I'm hurt, and that's why we ain't running it? Cmon. You [kidding] me?"

On the lines of communication: "It ain't lack of communication with me because that's some BS to go out and say I don't know what's going on. When have I missed a meeting? Let me start missing meetings. Let me not come out and practice, let me sit my ass in the training room if I don't know what's going on. What am I standing outside for?"

On being benched: "You know, London Fletcher played in the game and didn't practice all week. All of the sudden it gets aggravating to [see me] standing on the sideline and you see me step into something and pick it up and understand what's going on. I haven't missed a meeting, I haven't missed a practice. I'm outside, I hear everything everybody else hears. It kind of shocked me too, but hey that's what the man said. You go back and watch film, I guarantee you won't see me make no mistakes. Maybe he's watching a different film than me."

On his understanding of the situation: "If it's an issue with me, you tell me that. Outside of Jim Zorn and the coaches on that team and maybe the quarterbacks, I guarantee you I know our system better than anybody else, I guarantee when we go over blitz pickups I don't miss my man. I don't know what it is, bro. If anybody got a problem with me, they need to talk to me. I don't know whats going on."

On his plans: "I'm gonna go out there and try to make sure I don't get hurt and I'll make sure I get out in every pass route. If my man ain't coming, I ain't chipping nobody, I ain't doing nothing I ain't supposed to do. I'm gonna get out in my pass route and that's where I'll be. If somebody else give up a sack or anything else, that's on them."

On communication: "Hey, they don't tell me nothing. They don't have to answer to me bro. One day it's fun, it's nice, you smile, you happy for me, you appreciate the way I play on the field, you just wish I would practice. If I could practice, I'd practice. If my injuries weren't legit than the training room wouldn't hold me out, they'd have me on the field. I think people get caught up into the conversation of the media but then tell you not to get caught up into the conversation....

"I go out there and give it everything I've got. If I can run through the week I'd practice, if I can't then I ain't. And I'm not gonna force myself to go onto a field and do something crazy, and then all of the sudden I'm out. What I need to be around for is Sundays and that's what I try to be around for. So I mean, if you've got a problem with me not practicing and can't do it that way, maybe you feel like you need to sever ties, split ties with me? Split ties with me. But don't sit here and throw me out like I don't pay attention, like I don't know what's going on, like I'm making mistakes, I'm the problem. You know, so, it is what it is, bro."

On his blocking assignments: "You know, one day it's chip on your way out, then if you don't chip and you get out and the quarterback gets sacked it's like, 'Oh, you need to help this man out.' So they don't know what they want. They want you to chip, they want you to block, Jason's on his ass all game long, you're trying to stay in and help, and then it's, 'Oh, you should have gone out, they was coming to you.'

"I've been wide open, they don't come to me. But then he over there and came free and he done got the wind knocked out of him from getting sacked and getting hit in the back, then it's, 'Aw man you've got to help out, you've got to chip.' So you know, I don't think they know what they want me to do. You know, when things going good you're getting praised. I don't know if people getting aggravated with me getting attention. I don't know what it is."

On how he'd like to be used: "Hey, bro, it ain't rocket science how to use me. They can figure that out. If they want to put the ball in my hands I can try to help the team win. They don't I'll try to do whatever I can. If I need to cheer Ladell on, I'll cheer Ladell on. I'm not gonna be bitter about the situation. I think Ladell went int and made some big plays. When he came off to the sideline I was the first one sitting there to talk with him about what I seen, which wasn't much, but I think he did a hell of a job."

On his health: "I'm fine. I'm totally healthy after not playing against Baltimore. So the good thing about it is I'll be at practice tomorrow."

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