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Revis steps up, calls out coaches


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First, I beleive winning the division will kill a lot of the ills, you know? However, say the worst happens and Miami wins the division with the QB you all let go - well, that plus a lot of disgruntled players will assure you that Favre will not return, and that there is a good chance Mangini will be gone - and you will be starting all over again. New system, learning curve, etc. Sure, you have some talented players - but gelling will take time, especially if you don't have a clear idea of who your starting QB is going to be.

There is enough talent on this offense that a young QB can come in and the team can carry him until he is up to speed. We have all the tools needed for a good run game. I am one of TJ's biggest critics, but he is changing my mind the way he has been running this year. He's still not a top 10 RB by any means, but if you've got the right O-line, you can easily get by with a top 15 back, which he surely is.

We need new WRs too, so getting a new QB in here and new WRs at the same time will be good for both.

Also on the other post you made, it's been 3 years and 3/4ths of the season is done. I am sure if Mangini has been accessible Brett Favre, Faneca and Jenkins all at the least have voiced concerns to him. He has constantly ignored them, so out of frustration some small comments will be leaked. They aren't throwing him under the bus, Revis and the rest of the team is too professional for that, but that could also be why we are in this mess. Last year Ray Lewis absolutely had it with Billick, and he was vocal about it. Now they are 9-4 I believe and playing inspired football with a rookie HC and rookie QB at the helm. I don't even know who their RB is, they don't really have a set one. Ray Lewis is the heart and soul of that team and fires them up, a natural leader, and he spoke out against Billick last year.

The Jets need that. And if Mangini is to the point that the players are going to mutiny, it is not the players, it is him. This is the 7th oldest team in the league. We don't have time for an idiot HC. Unfortunately we probably are doomed for this year, but at least if a better coach gets in next year we should still be okay. Cowher solidifies this franchise.

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The point where I disagree with you on this is that football is different than any other sport. It is the hardest game to overcome coaching because coaching plays its biggest roll.

I remember Kevin Millar telling his teammates before Game 6 against the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS: "Let's win this early before Tito [Terry Francona] can mess this up."

What can the Jets players do if they're given a horrible game plan or Mangini makes a bad decision. Mangini punted from the Niners 38 yardline at 4th & 2. Was Favre supposed to tell the offense to stay on the field and run his own play? Was the punter suppose to run a fake on his own?

When Sutton and Mangini had no clue how to stop the Niners "bunch" formation, was Rhodes supposed to start calling his own defensive plays?

The Leader you speak about in the football context can only get players in line, but he'll merely be a yes-man to the coaches because he has no independent means to do things differently than what the coaches want.

Am I clear on the difference?

In a nutshell, no leader in the Jets lockerroom can make Mangini devise better gameplans, call better plays, or make good decisions on game day.

Again, it would be good if someone in the lockerroom would take charge.

The problem I'm pointing out is that it would not make a difference at all if someone did step up as a leader because that leader is powerless to change the gameplans Mangini comes up with, the plays called, and the game decisions made by Mangini.

So very true. But, this isnt happening on the field. IMO this is much different. This is players opening their mouths to the media. It would be very easy for a guy like Alan Faneca or Tony Richardson or Thomas Jones to grab one of these ****ers, Coles too, and tell them to shut the F up. We can still do something with this season. Put them "in line" as you said.

This same team also went on a 5 game win streak with his system and thought they were the best team in the leageu. Anyone with an inch of the competitive bug would believe in themselves enough to think that they could still win despite because it has worked in the not so distant past.

I am not so much referring to the on field activities, its this extracurricular **** that is pissing me off. Its just b.s. and nothing productive ever come of it. And I dont think someone trying to put an end to it would perceived as a coach's pet.

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