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happy birthday baumer and el gringo loco


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Especially GreenGal - What a week, I lose my dad to complications from Diabetes & have to deal with turning 47 - OI!

  • Thanks Bob, I know you know what it's like to stair down 50 - 3 more years - YIKES
  • INDY & JOISEY - You know my prayers are always with the men in Green & White - That Defense just has to step up - we are not the 2007 New England Patriots - But I will still pray
  • INDYGIRL4JETS - Did that Icon come labeled "FRAGILE" - I think that's Italian, Isn't it?
  • AFOSOMF - Thanks, I know my dad is with me every day, if only in spirit - but especially on game day & I know I will miss his comments

As for the younger Sagitarius, GRINGO - get your internet fixed, we need your comments here!

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