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Heisman Trophy tonight= who should win it?


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Chris Leak

Ummm. I believe the entire 2006 team won that Nat'l Championship. Not just Chris Leak.

But, I get your point, keep in mind he is only a Jr and he will return next season. He is the only player to ever score 20 passing/rushing TD's in the same season in the SEC of all conferences and claimed a Heisman doing so as a Sophmore. He is going to the Nat'l Championship this year and I dont know how after that Ole Miss loss you can question this guys determination and ability.

Tebow, Ward, Frazier.

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Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow is good but Bradford's #'s are much better.

Something tells me Tebow wont be a very good NFL QB.

Bradfords number are good but when you play bad defenses then that happens. Mccoy,Bradford,Harrell, and Zac Robinson all have great number and there are probably more big 12 qbs that do.

The should really wait till after NC because Tebow wil get like 3 pass tds and 2 rush tds vs okla

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It's going to be a tough race, but I think McCoy should win this award. I'm not going to get into how McCoy beat the Sooners on a neutral field, yet somehow got passed in the rankings...although that's a fun conversation.

I look at it like this; each Quarterback only loss 1 game, however the 1 loss for Tebow was to Ole Miss; when McCoy lost it was to a top 10 team. The records are extremely similar, although in my eyes I give the edge to McCoy in that he lost to Texas tech and not ole miss.

Usually I don't buy into QB A had less to work with, which is why he deserves the award, but in this case, when the teams have a 12-1, 12-1 and 11-1 record (FLorida, Oklahoma, Texas respectively) you need something to distinguish them.

The fact that McCoy has brought his team to 11-1 without a cornelius ingram and percy harvin or two thousand yard backs, really stands out in my eyes. McCoy doesn't have the weapons that Tebow and Bradford have, which is why he also leads his team in rushing and tds. He was the leading rusher on his team for half of the games this season. All of this without the best offensive line in the country that protects Bradford.

I cannot remember a letdown game that McCoy had, he consistently put up one great game after another and brought his team back for 9, yes 9 come from behind second-half wins...which just so happens to be 8 more than Tebow.

Colt McCoy

Pass Yds - 3445

Pass tds - 32

Int - 7

Comp. % - 77.6 <-----NCAA record

Rush yds - 576

Rush tds - 10

Tim Tebow

Pass Yds - 2515

Pass tds - 28

Int - 2

Comp. % - 64.9

Rush yds - 564

Rush tds - 12

Sam Bradford

Pass Yds - 4464

Pass tds - 48

Int - 6

Comp. % - 68.3

Rush yds - 65

Rush tds - 5

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