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****The OFFICIAL Jets/Bills Game Thread****

war ensemble

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ecurb you are a clown, that was a pathetic sack

where were all these passes last week

No ti wasnt at all... do you guys know ANYTHING about football other than the 4 basic plays?

Containment... look it up.... all 4 of those guys had to contain an area... if 1 of them went after JP and missed JP then runs that way and burns all 4 of them... they contained and then collapsed on him...

I know its not pop warner... but maybe you could take a minute and learn some real football for next time...

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How was that ecurb

A coverage completion


Why are you taking that shot at me? You know I hate Sutton... he does need to blitz but you picked the wrong play to bitch about before... that one play was aactually a SMART play to call... just shows your bitching to bitch and not actually paying attention.

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