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Everybody make it home alright after the game?

Jet Moses

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Were you drinking again? Or was your saturday "greens"day messing with your system?:rl:

No, strangely enough, I was sober. War ensemble was a good babysitter for me.


I'm still in the parking lot, I just woke up in a pile of my own vomit. At least I think it's my vomit.

I thought I felt a bump when Max backed the car up. That was you?

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Joe, I still smell like garbabe can fire.


That is unfortunate. Nobody wants to be around me today. The smells coming out of my body are not normal!

Great seeing you again bro and it was awesome meeting Boozer. Awesome guy. Glad the Jets could pull one out while the legendary G.O.B. was in attendance.

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