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Pennington's revenge

Jet Moses

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There's a middle-ground between "high-powered offense" and CPF. The 2007 Giants were ranked 14th in the league in scoring last year (top half) and they only really picked up steam in the later part of the season. Without making any major offseason changes on offense (aside from jettisoning a 4-time Pro Bowl TE), that same unit is 4th in scoring this season. Other recent Super Bowl winners:

2006 - Colts (2nd in scoring)

2005 - Steelers (9th)

2004 - Patriots (4th)

2003 - Patriots (12th)

2002 - Tampa Bay (18th)

2001 - Patriots (6th)

2000 - Ravens (14th)

1999 - Rams (1st)

1998 - Broncos (2nd)

1997 - Broncos (1st)

1996 - Packers (1st)

1995 - Cowboys (3rd)

1994 - 49ers (1st)

1993 - Cowboys (2nd)

1992 - Cowboys (2nd)

1991 - Redskins (1st)

1990 - Giants (15th)

1989 - 49ers (1st)

1988 - 49ers (7th)

That's twenty years of Super Bowl winners and in the four years I listed above where the team didn't have a top-10 scoring offense, in each case (2003 Pats, 2002 Bucs, 2000 Ravens, 1990 Giants), the team had the #1 ranked defense in the NFL.

So, allow me to ask you this... when was the last time a team won a Super Bowl with a bottom-10 ranked scoring offense?

Keep touting CPF...

You can't touch this... Don't hurt 'em Hammer!


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