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Jets must prove they belong among elite


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Haha, well I first saw it when it was posted here, and not linked. Not to mention there were no strikethru's. I see what you going for now.

Oh. I understand now.

When I copied it from Wordpress (front page) to Vbulletin (forums) it got rid of all the strike throughs. So I had to edit it and just put up the link.

But -- the Jets are about to get on the bus. That is the good news. :)

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As long as you're on the bus, it doesn't matter where you because you're on the bus.


It doesn't matter if you're on the back of the bus or the front of the bus. The important thing is that you're on the bus.

That's the spirit boys. The NFL doesn't send that letter out to just anyone. Just to people that get to sit on the bus.

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