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Erik Boland live chat 12-16


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10:49 Moderator: Hi all. We'll get started at 11 a.m.

11:01 good morning everyone. fire away when the moderator gives the get-go and we'll do it until we get the heave-ho.

11:01 [Comment From Bundgaard]

Hi Erik. Denmark calling once again... and nice sweater btw! The Jets have not had much (or any) success on the west coast this season. How do you see the upcoming game against the Seahawks playing out? ...yuck! I just realized that this will be Holmgrens final home game in Seattle. That might mean that the Seahawks will be fired up...

11:03 mornin' bundgaard, haha. thanks. mmm, i think it's going to be a tough, hard game that the jets will be fortunate to win. and i saw holmgren is going to take a victory lap around the field after the game which will have everyone properly fired up out there. it's a lion-den situation, no doubt.

11:03 [Comment From Rasmus]

Why don't they try to get leon Washington more involved?... he clearly has the big play ability

11:03 [Comment From Ahmad Christmas Carroll]

Hey Erik i saw them rippin on your sweater on Jets Blog. I thought it was stylin! Now... you are driving a Ford Taurus in a car race and you have a Ferrari in the garage - why not drive it? Is LW a shiny toy MM only wants to show off once or twice a game? He should be on the field for at least 50% of the plays. He is a game changer - let him do his thing!

11:03 [Comment From LamJones]

Erik - the two Jets with breakaway speed on O is LWashington and DClowney (who made a fantastic catch). Why do they not get them the ball more often? Will they?

11:03 [Comment From SquishtheFish]

Hey Erik, Leon Washington touched the ball once on offense, and scored a touchdown. Why would they not get this guy more involved? I would think that this would have been top priority weeks ago, but he is still seldom used.

11:05 wow, another sweater comment. i'll have to wear it to a bar or something....

and lots of leon questions. well, that was my first lede Q & A after the game: why doesn't washington get more touches? And there hasn't been a great answer given to this point. Mangini said yesterday that there's an "element of surprise" to him only getting a few touches but if a guy bolts 47 yards the one time he carries, he needs to get at LEAST one more chance to see if he can do it again! nine plays over 40 yards this year says it all

11:05 [Comment From Rock (Franklin, TN)]

Is inelegantly really a word? j/k. Erik, did you notice a difference in the player's mood after Sunday's win? To me it seems that they have lacked some intensity since the Tennessee game....Thanks.

11:06 [Comment From Ricky]

Hi Erik, do you notice any change in attitude or any change in anything as opposed to last wk/previous wks with the team ?? I guess I'm trying to detect any change that crunch time is truly here. thanx smile.gif

11:06 [Comment From t lub]

eric,after 2 losses to weak teams and a lucky win against the bills is this the same old jets or is there any glimmer of hope that we can actually compete for the division and the playoffs

11:06 rock, thanks for reading that closely! as for ricky and t lub, one of the themes in the locker room (among many) and again yester

11:07 sorry, got kicked off line there...let me finish

11:09 one of those themes was how that fumble and return might spark something big. sort of the way the jets played so bad against the chiefs but got the last-minute drive and TD pass to Coles to steal that game, which started a five-game streak. woody said yesterday "we know what's at stake" so it's not a case of players not recognizing the situation. and t lub, there's more than a glimmer of hope for the division. if the jets win out, they get the division. now, whether that actually happens...another issue altogether of course

11:09 [Comment From upstatejetsfan08]

Hi Erik, Can this team show up big 2 weeks in a row? I can't believe I am saying this, but has Gholston hit the rookie wall? Even though you have had to do something to stop doing it? Happy BDay by the way..

11:09 [Comment From NyCJets]

Erik, With Vernon Gholston being deactivated, will that be it for him this season? What do you think his progress this year will mean for him for next year? Can we call him a "bust" yet?

11:09 [Comment From Dylan]

Hey Erik, just wondering, any news on how Gholston is handling the fact that he was made inactive?

11:13 upstate, thanks and your comment about gholston hitting the rookie wall is priceless. i dont think a guy's ever hit that wall being a part-time special teams player. funny. anyway, to you, nycjets and dylan as well, we'll have our first access to gholston tomorrow in the locker room. yesterday we just had four players on conference call. mangini didn't seem at all concerned about gholston's reaction (nor should he btw) saying yesterday in essence, "we're playing the best 45. we need to win." i think he should have been deactivated before that but that's another story. and no, i'm still not calling him a bust. when I hear lawrence taylon on friday say that he still thinks gholston will be a good player, i'm listening

11:13 [Comment From Bundgaard]

The Pro Bowl announcement is coming later today... who do you think will represent the Jets?

11:14 [Comment From Coops]

Erik, your best guess at the Jets to make the Pro Bowl, if you please! My take: Jones, Mangold, Faneca (on rep), possibly also Favre (on rep). For the D, Jenkins and Revis seem like the best bets.

11:15 bundaard (and coops), everyone seems to think favre will get it but i'm not sure. remember, fan voting is only a small percentage of what constitutes the vote. so him and faneca, who have gotten a lot of that, actually wo'nt get as much from players and coaches. but who knows. for me, it would be jenkins, t.jones, revis, and mangold or moore on the o-line. moore has really had an underrated season

11:15 [Comment From Jeff]

Please tell me there's chance that even if we make the playoffs, Mangini can still be gone. Can this guy show even a little emotion on the sidelines?!?

11:15 [Comment From LI JET FAN]

Does Mangini desrve to rewturn if the Jets are knocked out of the playoffs or does he just gety his contract extension any way?

11:19 i'll handle those separate. jeff, i always defend mangini on this one. i judge coaches on decisions, not sideline outbursts. tony dungy isn't in hysterics on the sideline either. but i would like to see mangini overrule his coordinators more on calls that simply don't make sense, offensively and defensively. to me, that's his biggest obstacle.

as for LIJetfan, my intuition (for what it's worth) is the reason no extension has happened yet is that they're waiting on the final results of this season. i didn't think it before but the longest this has gone on, i think he might be in trouble if the jets miss the playoffs. i still think he'll be back next year because nine wins is an improvement over the 4 of last year, but i'm no longer 100 percent convinced of it.

11:19 [Comment From bizzythekid]

Clowney looked great on that one-handed grab...a good example of why he should be playing more, when can we put the Brad Smith experiment to rest and start "Clownin 'Round"?

11:21 bizzythekid, welcome, and love clowin' around! i agree. i've been pushing for clowney to get in there for the last six weeks and he made me, and many others who have been pushing for the same, look very good. i asked him after the game if he felt he earned another game and while he wouldn't answer that directly (obviously for self preservation he didn't) I think it's clear he did. that was the second best catch of the jets season, behind cotchery's in NE

11:21 [Comment From Ghost of Jets Past]

Hi Erik. Sean Ellis said guys r banged up. Do you think this explains the performance the last few weeks?

11:24 ghost of Jets past, i think that's one of those words that the media jumped on but the reality is he really didn't "admit" to anything other than the obvious. it's late in the year, EVERY team is "banged" up right now. he didn't say people were playing "injured,' which would be a story. now, i do believe Kris Jenkins is wearing down a bit which is why i asked mangini that question yesterday and mangini did say that he was. i think jenkins practice reps will be decreased significantly. the last few weeks, i think, has been more because of shoddy tackling, pure and simple. look at the replays of some of the longer runs the jets have allowed - most of them were plays the d line and linebackers were making previously

11:24 [Comment From Greenbaumenom]

Any special preparations for the West Coast trip?

11:24 [Comment From SquishtheFish]

Why on earth are they traveling to the west coast on a Friday again? Mangini seems way to stubborn.

11:27 greenbaumenom and squish, you guys are on the "same page" it appears! anyway, mangini said yesterday that the team "looked into" changing their charter to where they would leave saturday, but the airline couldn't do it on such short notice (the jets made the inquiry last week, after the san fran game) so it wasn't a case of mangini being stubborn in this case. but let's be realistic, this story is very overblown. take the trip and play the damn game. just stop making mistakes when you get out there

11:27 [Comment From upstatejetsfan08]

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Hi Erik, Hasselback or Wallace this week, and have they changed next Sunday's game? Thank you.

11:28 upstate, every indication is it will be wallace going this week. getya popcorn ready

11:28 oh

11:28 [Comment From Dylan]

Erik, obviously what I'm about to say is a gross oversimplification but... when the Jets blitz, they do a good job pressuring the QB. When they pressure the QB, good things tend to happen. When they don't pressure the QB, bad things tend to happen. They have some very capable LB's, and safeties who could blitz, so why don't they blitz a bit more and pressure the QB?

11:28 and no word yet on next sunday. i'm going to check with our media person neil best to see what he knows. i'm guessing we'll all have a late night at the meadowlands the 28th though

11:30 [Comment From Greenbaumenom]

Why is Kerry Rhodes 15 yards off the ball to start every play, it also seems he never comes up and makes big plays anymore. Why?

11:30 [Comment From sec239fan]

is it just me or has kerry rhodes been invisible? he seems to care more about the crowd than he does about making a tackle

11:32 dylan, you're right. it's a simplification but not an oversimplication. in fact, it's an obvious-simplification (not a word, whatever) and for the life of me, i can't understand why they don't bring more pressure. losman stinks and that was the only reason he didn't light up the jets, he had way too much time to throw. and greenbaum (and sec239), that kind of goes into your questions. rhodes hasn't had a great year, i agree, but i dont think he's been put in the best position to succeed all the time either. the few times (very few) he's been brought up to blitz, good plays have resulted. there's too much read-and-reactin' going on with this defense. the aggression button needs to be pushed. soon. like now.

11:33 [Comment From Coops]

Is Bob Sutton done as the Jets' DC after the year? If so (I think he should go), will Mangini be able to hire a big name like Rob Ryan or Romeo Crennel (if fired) come in to replace him?

11:35 coops, i wasn't leaning that way in the middle of the season, but i'm leaning that way now. had ryan not been rehired, he probably would have been here. now, in relation to RAC (romeo) the question there is who is he closer to, Bill B. or Mangini? because if it's Bill B, there's no way RAC will join Mangini's staff. Know what i mean?

11:35 [Comment From Jake]

Do You Think Any Of Our 8 Practice SQuad players Will bE Signed To OUr Actice Roster This year?

11:36 jake, only if there's an injury. kareem brown would be the one most likely but i'd have to say no

11:36 [Comment From Talleyrand]

Erik: Are you surprised by all the negativity after a win? I mean, the Jets are 9-5 and tied for first place after 14 games.

11:38 talleyrand, wow, don't usually see you 'round these parts. the fumble stumble and rumble brought ''em all out. anyway, no i'm not surprised and in truth, sunday was the third straight subpar performance from this team. they're not anywhere close to peaking at a time of year good teams usually are. fans are right in pointing that out. that said, deep down i'm sure jets fans prefer this to last year when the season was over in early october

11:38 [Comment From eric]

Hi Erik, Is it me or is Brett Favre not Brett Favre? I really believe that he is injured. No zip on his throws. A lot of balls underthrown, as if he changed places with Chad. I believe when the season is over he will admit to arm/shoulder problems. What do you think?

11:38 [Comment From bizzythekid]

Favre seemed to have a little bit of steam behind his passes compared to previous weeks. In my opinion, he had one bad "decision throw" and that was into double coverage on the 2nd INT. What was your take on his arm in previous weeks, you think because the play calling was so conservative we didn't get to see him smoke it across?

11:41 well eric and bizzy, first off i don't think he's injured. i think he's 39 and his arm just isn't the cannon it once was. if you saw him in practice you wouldn't conclude he was hurt. and looking back to sunday, the first two drives favre looked as good as he has all season. the first INT clearly wasn't his fault (very odd deflection) and the second one was a terribly underthrown ball, which was his fault. the thing is, during the jets five game winning streak, he played his best and wasn't throwing downfield. they destroyed the titans with slants, crossing routes and seam throws, but got away from that in favor of too many screens. play-calling wise, that's what they have to get back to consistently. long answer i know, but the bottom line is i dont see any injury

11:41 [Comment From Dylan]

With the O-Line playing so well, and Jenkins wearing down a bit, any chance we see a bit more of the running game to keep the defense off the field? The Jets really haven't been running the ball that much when you consider how successful TJ and Leon have been.

11:44 well, dylan, i think it goes back to the inconsistency of the playcalling. i mean, it is always something and i think we sometimes over "20-20" things by second-guessing every play call, but to me when you look back at sunday and see how effectively the run and pass were mixed on those first two drives (which resulted in TDs), why change that before the defense shows it can stop it? sometimes i think the jets on offense make adjustments to their scheme before the defense does, which in essence bails the defense out

11:44 [Comment From Coops]

Erik, bit of an obscure question here. Why was J.R Reed signed, and what is is role on the team? With his signing, the Jets now have 12 DBs on the team, 6 of them Safeties. With Eric Smith now back, and Elam playing well beside Rhodes, there seems to be little chance of Reed seeing the field. Is having a 6th Safety really more of a need than a 3rd RB (Marcus Mason)?

11:45 coops, he was signed to add depth to safety. his role sunday was on the inactive list next to gholston. i think they want to see if he can stand out in practice over these next couple weeks and show a "diamond in the rough" characteristic that might be able to help them either these next two weeks or, knock on wood, in the playoffs

11:45 [Comment From upstatejetsfan08]

Erik, On Dylan's point, I will say till I can say no more, Pressure wins in this league(see Brady SuperBowl). Why is Barton covering receivers? Pace and Thomas on RB's...cmon!!!!

11:47 upstate, it's confounding. pace is 6-4 270 pounds. him covering receivers is sort of like the reason i don't play the piano: I can't. why have him in a role that doesn't fit his skill set is what i'm saying

11:47 [Comment From Greenbaumenom]

On a scale from 1-10 what would you grade our entire coaching staff? I say...4.

11:49 green, wow. well, look i think mangini has the tools to be a good coach in this league and the bottom line is he does have this team 9-5. but as i said earlier, i wish he would overrule his coordinators at times and be like "we're not doing that!" he is still young. but to your question, overall this year, i'd probably give it a 5 1/2...but final grades will not be distrubuted until all papers have been turned in!

11:49 [Comment From bizzythekid]

Do you think Keller will step up after dropping sure touchdowns in the endzone lately. (Although he was mauled in the face this past sunday, which I thought was a bad no-call.)

11:49 [Comment From bizzythekid]

Also on Keller, do you think his relationship with Mangini is damaged? He seems like a good, smart player. But sometimes those people turn into divas. Jeremy Shockey is one example.

11:51 bizzy, i think that's tough to call sunday's end zone ball a "drop." the one in New england that thursday night, that was a drop. as for him becoming a diva, i don't see it. shockey was that way in college and never changed in the pros. still hasn't. keller is confident and even a little ****y, but he's not a diva and i dont see him becoming one. he took mangini's digs last week in stride

11:51 [Comment From huge jet fan]

Does Leon Washington realize he made a couple of mistakes by not fielding punts that land near the 15?.....He let Buffalo down 2 punts that lost probably about 40 yards of field position....We are going to need those yards if Miami game means something...

11:52 hugejetfan, yes he does and mangini repeated as much yesterday during his monday press conference. just chalk those errors up to an overall terrible day by the specials teams. they stunk across the board. the good news is that hasn't been the rule for westhoff's unit this year. for the most part, it's been pretty good. washington's built up enough capital this year i think to give him a pass on a mistake or two. better last week than, as you said, against the dolphins. or seahawks for tha tmatter

11:53 [Comment From NyCJets]

Erik, I've seen the same things over the years as a jet fan. The famous and consistent "run up the middle" on critical downs which never seem to work. Why with the talent of leon washington don't we implore more screens and runs towards the sidelines? I think statistically we don't run enough of these types of plays.

11:54 nycjets, bottom line: washington has a league-leading nine plays that have gone for 40 yards or more this season. it's negligent for him not to see the ball more consistently

11:54 [Comment From eric]

What is your explanation for how the Jets can follow two weeks of excellent football in NE and TENN with 3 lousy to mediocre performances in a row? Do you have any theory? You see these guys every day.

11:56 eric, explain the giants looking the way they have the last two weeks after spending the previous nine weeks or whatever looking like last year's patriots. or the redskins losing to the bengals. it's the NFL. i'm not being flippant about your point, though. to me, it's hard to figure out. the broncos game you could understand because denver is decent and a let-down was predictable. but the last two weeks? don't have an answer other than to say you never know what play or game might spark a team in the other direction, good or bad. maybe ellis' play will have that positive effect on the jets. we'll start to see sunday

11:56 [Comment From Greenbaumenom]

What's wrong with our special teams? Westhoff's guys look horrible!

11:57 greenbaumenom, as i said a couple of responses up, i'm willing to give a pass to sunday because the unit has been good for the most part. sunday, you're right, they smelled across the board.

11:57 Moderator: Hi all. This will be our final question ....

11:57 [Comment From upstatejetsfan08]

Erik, As much as he complains on here, FireMangini is right about one thing, Pats and Fish are 9-5 with less talent than the Jets alledgedly have? Is it coaching?

12:00 upstate, my two concerns with mangini are these, and one of them isn't his sideline demeanor. the concern is the strength of his assistants and knowing when to step in and overrule them. and the fact the jets don't seem to do particularly well in regard to halftime adjustments, though the titans game was an exception. but everyone who wants to make proclamations about things now are jumping the gun a bit. if the jets win out, i think everyone will be enthused about a home playoff game. we'll see.

anyway, great job everyone. thanks for participating. i'm available (most of the time) on the blog. we'll do it again probably next tuesday. for those who showed sweater-support, thanks. enjoy the week

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i don't agree that Leon getting the ball more is such a slam dunk

he leads the league in plays over 40 yards, that's a sign they are using him right not a

sign they are using him wrong.

there are no players with more big plays, that's not a sign they should change it up. if it aint broke don't fix it.

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