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Anyone want to go to the Seahawks game?

lawngnome o-line

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I know this should be in the Tickets section, but still.

True Jet Fans

This week is a big week for our team, we need a victory to keep our playoff hopes alive.

Not to mention that...it's going to be a SNOW GAME most likely (based on the weather forecast).

What could be more fun?

If anyone is interested, I might have one (1) extra ticket, 60 bucks, decent seats and under cover.

Let's go and support our team on the road

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I'm flying out on Friday and making a trip out of it, coming back on Tuesday.

The cheapest round trip tickets from La Guardia is 680 after taxes and stuff so it is a bit expensive.

I got mine in October and paid 380, so I lucked out a bit to say the least.

It would take 3 days to drive there, especially considering the weather conditions, so that definitely would not be an option.

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Um. No.

If Miami beats us Week 17, even if they lose to KC, we lose the division.

Correct. If NE/MIA lose, and we win, then we lose to MIA and NE wins too, NE wins the division. Here's why:

1) Head to head games, each team is 2-2.

2) In the division, each team is 4-2.

3) Common games, which there are 14 of. Therefore, just count the "uncommon games", and the team with the "worst" record in "uncommon" games will have the best record in "common games"

Jets: CIN/TEN 2-0



So, the Jets are eliminated, and MIA/NE revert to the 2 team tiebreaker

1) Split season

2) 4-2 in division each

3) 10-4 in common games each

4) Conference 7-5 each

5) Now it's strength of victory time, which Im not figuring out now....

But, the loser of the division would take us for "2nd" in the division, so we'd miss the playoffs.

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