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Thank you to my Secret Santa!


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I have gifts for the person on my list but please be patient. The Post Office has been a disaster over the last week. Think of it as a New Years surprise. Seriously, you will probably receive the package around the 8th or 9th as I'm pathetic when it comes to sending stuff.

I think that was the excuse I used for your gift last year.... yeah, the Post Office! Right! :) Just kidding..... ;)

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Such bull$hit. :D

On that note, I'd like to remind my Secret Santa that Christmas is in 2 days.


Thank You Thor for your great Christmas Gift.

I'm just curious though, is the pacifier for me or my future kid? It could go both ways.....sort of like Max.

Thanks Thor!

The pacifier is for you, you ****ing crybaby. You cry almost as much as I do around this time.

I think I still have my Jets tongue ring around here somewhere.

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Thank you BZ for the present- I have added it to my collection of sports memoribilia that I have in my basement-thanks again.

You are welcome. I asked someone if you were pro or anti BF, but couldn't get a good read.

If nothing else, it will be part of Jets history.


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