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Dealing with Jets lag ...... J.P. PELZMAN


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I don't really get the "time zone" change.

How is it different to play a 1 pm PT game which is a 4pm ET game, then playing a 4 pm game on the east coast. I would think playing an 8 pm game at home would have more of a playing out side your normal time slot effect than playing a 4 pm ET game out on the west coast.

I am not diminishing the effects of travel. Certainly 4 or 5 hours in a plane has an effect on the body. But the game is being played in the same time slot.

Personally I think the smartest thing for an east coast team going out west for one game (wouldn't work if you are staying for a week like the Patriots did) is not not to even change your clocks. And pretend as if you were playing an east coast away game at the 4 o'clock slot.

For example: Curfew is 11 pm eastern. Wake up is 8 am eastern. Breakfast is 9 am eastern. Team meeting 10 am eastern. Lunch is noon eastern. On Bus for game 1:30 eastern. Kick off is 4:15 eastern.

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