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SJ Reviews: 'Slumdog Millionaire'...Great flick , very original (4)


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Liked the film...

Didn't think it was as original as many said, but still a good story.

SJ, have you seen/will you see CHE? Soderberg did a 453 minute (I think) Epic on the revolutionary icon that I've very interested in checking out. Not sure where to see it yet, but supposedly it's a 2 parter which is helpful.

no, it hasnt played here yet...will try and catch it if i can..

if u want a great shorter flick based on Che's early years when dissent was formed in him try this flick:

Motorcycle Diaries


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I don't have titles off the top of my head, but what I'm alluding too is the idea of a story taking place in a short amount of time with the narrative being told nearly entirely through flashbacks. It's a very low budget concept because you continuously return to the same location, ie save money on new locations.

By the way, at this point, originality holds little water in liking a film. With the amount of stories being told/having been told, there's almost no such thing anymore.

Ahh, good points. I see what you mean.

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Bollywood brings us one of surprise hits of year. Slumdog has been nominated by Golden Globes as Best Picture of Year. This is such a cool movie on so many levels.

We have the story of a 18 year old from the worst slums India has to offer. He hasnt been in school since age 5.

But here he is, on the set of Indias version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, ready to answer the question for the Million dollars.

The whole nation is enthralled, but the powers to be behind the scenes think he is cheating and put pressure on him to 'reveal' how he is doing it.

This is where we end up with one of coolest movies in years as he weaves his sad life story and shows how all the answers he has given so far have roots in things that have happened as opposed to classroom learning.

Along the way we learn of survival, humanity and forgiveness.

This is one cool movie, dont miss it.

4 stars_002.gif's

Definitely a great flick.

But this is a British film. Not Bollywood.

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