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Forget all the BS, just play up to your ability


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Its time for the Jets to do something they haven't done in a month and haven't done on the West Coast all year - play like the Jets.

We all know what this team is capable of. We just want to see it again. Had the Jets played just once in the last three weeks like they did in Tennessee, we know we'd all be a lot less nervous about the next two games.

Favre, stay focused.

Jones, run like a tank.

Cotch, Coles and Keller, catch everything thrown your way.

O-line, steamroll those mother****ers.

Leon, just keep doing what you do you magnificent bastard.

Jenkins, be a rampaging beast.

Ellis, be unstoppable.

Pace and Thomas, kill that ****ing quarterback.

Harris, be the Hitman.

Revis, nobody touches the ball.

Rhodes, fly all over the place and make everybody pay for even thinking they can cross that first down marker.

Special teams, make a ****ing play already.

As for the coaches:

Schotty, use the Tennessee gamplan, it will work against anybody.

Sutton, grow a pair of balls for once in your life.

Mangini, keep these guys up and intense for four quarters.

Its crunch time boys. Time to show everybody who you really are.

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Absolutely. This is a great time to be a Jets fan. We control our destiny. We have a HOF QB who has done it a million times. This team has real talent. Time for the coaches to step it up.

Who cares what has happened the last three weeks. A lot of people here are very upset about it and are not confident at all. How confident are Giant fans now? Titans' fans? Cowboy fans? A month ago the Eagles were dead and buried. Who wants to play them now? It is a crazy year.

This is what we have been waiting for. If you are waiting for a 16 - 0 regular season to get excited and confident, look at the Patriots last year. How did that end?

The Jets will destroy Seattle today and set up the most exciting regular season game the Jets will have ever played next week. It is a good time to be alive and a Jets fan.

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