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this was the most horrible coached game EVER!


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I have never seen a more pathetic coached game in my life! this was terrible.

The first possession on 4th and 1 on there own 2 was a bad call. but not terrible. I can't blame them for not taking the points. but them moved the ball so easily I can't understand not giving the ball to your pro bowl running back and let your probowl Line block! and get the 1 yard! if not there on there own 2. not a big deal!

then how do you get a delay of game on a FG! he made it and it would have been good from 55! but NO mangini decides to PUNT insted of taking the 50 yard FG! BONE HEAD!

then going for it on 4th and 4 on your own 20? your own 20!!! mangini decides to find his balls with all 3 times outs plus the 2 min warning still there! and throw it deep? into double coverage? and give them the ball there on there 20 on FG range.

this was the most poorly coached game I've ever watched. passing on 1st downs, when they did run pick up 7 yards, 2nd and 3 PASS! 3rd and 3 PASS. PUNT! in a game like this how can u even think about passing on first down? and when u have 3 yards or less for a first how can u pass in those conditions? it's pathetic. a 10 year old Kid could pick plays to run better than this sorry coaching staff!

I"ve never been so pissed at this team! NEVER. herm edwards could have done a better job for gods sake!

it's time for the future. forget about Clemens! he's a back up at best, rather see him as a 3rd stringer. Let Ratliff play next season! and get rid of mangini and schotty!

they should both be fired RIGHT NOW! they dont' even deserve a phone call from woody! send them a freeking text message! Tell them there **** will be sitting outside the stadium! never let them back in!

I cant help to think if we would have kept chad how much better our offense would be. I'm sure the coaching staff wouldn't be slinging the ball around everywhere. and chad would be calling more runs than passes. wich should ahve been done all year behind our Oline! thats what we paid them for!

getting bret favre could be one of the worst mustakes in franchise history. under throws every ball thats farther than 15 yards! and when it's farther than that it's a pick!

and dont' give me the crap that we don't have the WRS! both coles and cotch were 1000 yard recievers with chad pretty much. screw Brett, screw mangini, and screw schotty!

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