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My disgust knows no bounds


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Without a doubt one of worst performances I have seen from a Jets team in years.

This was beyond awful. From the Coaching Staff to the QB, to a defense that COULD NOT GET A SACK AGAINST A SECOND STRING OFFENSIVE LINE AND A BACKUP qb.

The great Favre 1 TD 6 Picks in his last 4 games. Say what you want but Pennington is having a better year with inferior talent.

The defense. Again where was the pressure ? How do you not dominate the LOS against a second string offensive line ?

I have had it with Mangini, Sutton and the rest of this crew. I haven't hated a coaching so much since Walton. You have the AFC's leading rusher and you runs the ball 17 times ? I mean c'mon.

Losses to Oakland, Seattle, SF, Denver. Good teams win those games. Maybe lose one. The Jets, they lose all 4.

This team is a goddam disgrace and it starts at the top with Mangini. Even if they beat Miami he should be gone. He has no friggin clue when it comes to defense, and even most important he has bowed to the wishes of an over the hill legend.

C'ya Eric. Don't let the door hit your fat F'n @ss on the way out

The Jets got a gift last week against Buffalo. Instead of jumping on it they just gave it way

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Chad was the leader.

Brett is the moneymaker.

People keep wondering where all the "leadership" went.

It's down in Miami.

I second that,Favre couldnt lead a blind man through an empty hallway. Heart and uncanny ability in his prime yes,leader and team player no.

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