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Dont like it stop watching it.

seahawks wanted it more for holmgren. they fought more to get it.

this loss is on the players. cs dialed up more blitzes. they called FB runs. opened the complete playbook on the seahawks. but when you cant takle a migdet running back. you get bitch slapped by practice squad players u cant blame the cs

u know it will be a low scoring game you take the sure field goal. that iss what mangini did.

this loss is on the player. watching the tape makes me sick of each player on this team. wrs cant get open. when they do brett favre cant throw accurately and when he does you drop theball.

bubba franks



all dropped crucial passes. brett favre held the ball too long for long plays. you need to check the ball down. cs doesnt control where brett throws the ball

bring the cs back next year minus sutton

get more young players through the draft. good thing the core of this team is signed up for next few years. young players will develop.

mangini is the right guy for the job but u cant expect him to heal a 40 year old wound in three years. and we still have a chance this year as well

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its not about love for one guy. its about whats best for the franchise. the fans wanted to kick ELI and red face out the year before they won the SB. the fans always overeact. the sensible thing would be to bring mangini back next year.

but i wouldn't expect you to understand that patience is a virtue.

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