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So we have two chances?


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A win + A New England loss = division?

A win + A Baltimore loss = wild card?

I didn't realize that we could still get the wild card, figured the ravens would have the tiebreaker. Come on guys, you gotta figure we can beat the Phins. This seems like a 50/50 to me.

lol no you don't. Have you been watching this team play? And even with a win over the Fish, the Pats play the Bills and the Ravens play the Jaguars. It is extremely unlikely either team loses. About the best we can do is keep Chad out of the playoffs, but in so doing we will launch the Patriots right into the playoffs as the #3 seed (against the Ravens probably). The winner of the Broncos-Chargers gets to host a game against the Colts and get blown out by them, not so sure about the Ravens though. I'm sure if the Jets played the Ravens the Ravens would blow them out, but I'm not so sure about the Pats.

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