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If Miami could do it if ATL could do it


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We could. I dont want to hear any more if we change coaches it will set us back another three years. We need to pull a complete turn arouns ASAP. New CS.. I would keep Tanny but.. We need A stronger VP of FB OPs. Bottom line I am starting this change in culture. Right now!!!!! As Fans we cannot accept the SOJ mentality. Lets forget about HERM PENNY Abraham etc.. they are GONE .(Do you see ATL and MIA fans sweating Mike Vick Petrino and Jason Taylor.......lets demand a good team from top to bottom. Woody if You are listening u will lose alot of $$ if u dont get your head out of your a$$ and make some changes. Do you really think you will fill up the new Stadium like this.. u F@#$king lying to your self. Get a F@#King Q tip and Clean out your ears so you can hear us.... NO MORE SAME OLD JETS. Time for change is now. Find the right people from top to bottom and staop this bullSh@t once and for all.. Imagine ATL and MIa were in a complete mess last yr and now they are in the playoff while we are jacking off......

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