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O Tannenbaum Contest Idea


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It's the Holiday Season. The Jets Season may be over. Why not make a funny mock O Tannenbaum song and have a winner decided? If you do not know, O Tannenbaum is Oh Christmas Tree in English. If you did know, congrats you passed 2nd grade. What better way to do something funny and creative and have a little bit of Jets-related entertainment.

Here is an example:

Mike Tannenbaum, Mike Tannenbaum

The season turned out real gory.

You got Brett Favre, we should be great,

But so far, our hopes deflate.

Mike Tannenbaum, Mike Tannenbaum

It's just the same old story.

And so on and so forth. This could be fun. Or no one will even read this post. Either way, I get a Vbuck for it.

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To Low By Flo Rida

Mangini is the worst coach(coach)

In the NFL (NFL)

The fans are wishing we had Herm

10-6..next thing you know

We thought wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

We thought he was a genius then he proved us all wrong (all wrong)

Fans are wishing we had Herm

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