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Bought my wife a Dog for xmas


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I've had a Chow for a while. He is 15 now and not doing too well. I got him when he was 8 weeks old and he lives at my folks now because he isn't too good with stairs. My wife has been wanting a smaller dog, so I looked at the local adoption places and got this little 8 week old Dachsund. They didn't know what he's mixed with, but he seemed like a pretty cool little fellow. I brought him home as a surprise wednesday and she loved it. Here are some pics.

Big brother and Lil brother.







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thanks!! she's awesome too...she does all the "tricks", sit, down, shake, even crawl. great with my little brother who is 6 and has special needs. poor thing is such a wuss though. she's afraid to bark. :rl:

My beagle didn't bark or growl at first.

Won't shut up now.

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