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Thank You Woody!


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What about the coordinators? Do they get the axe too?

usually, a HC is hired, and they pick the coordinators. If the coordinators are under contract, teams will hold onto them in case the new HC wants them, but let them have the shot to interview elsewhere.

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While I despise the idea of PSL's and seat prices going up... You CANNOT blame Woody for not trying to bring in the most talent possible. I thank him for opening up his wallet and paying for the free agents he hired. We at least have a guy with some brains and a passion to win.

This is not an owner who is delusional or meddling. He knows his place, and that's to hire the people he feels will give us the best chance to win.

Sadly, Mangini WAS the problem.

P.S. - I really like Tannenbaum and am very happy with what he has done. Gholston's failure was a suprise to everyone. With the exception of Vernon, I'm very happy with the drafts and free agent moves.

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