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Ravens vs Dolphins Game Thread


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no way does miami come close to replicating this season next year, no more cupcake schedule, and now teams will have seen enough of the wildcat to not get dominated by it. they also had a handful of games where they just slipped by, i think that will catch up with them.

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No matter what else happens in the playoffs, I'm happy. Just to see that chump Pennington, and the rest of the fraud Dolphin franchise, get embarrassed at home. Down in flames, boys. Down in flames. Watch everybody jump off the bandwagon.

They won't have to. The wheels just fell off!!

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Chad wins Comeback Player of the year, goes to a PO game and loses. Shades of '06?

Oh the pain that lies ahead.

I said it last week, this is to be expected if you really are paying attention. After all, its not Chad's fault that he can't play in the playoffs, because he only plays well enough to get there in even years, but by the time the playoffs actually start its an odd year. How the hell could anyone expect Chad to play well in an odd numbered year? Ridiculous!

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