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My High Attempt at a Mock Draft...


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3 months and change before the draft, and a month or so before the combine:

1: LeSean McCoy: TJ can be upgraded and McCoy is just a relatively safe pick being a highly talented RB joining a team with a good O-line. Maclin is just a beast.

2. Rob Brace: He might be a better 3-4 nose prospect than Raji. He's an excellent anchor, and he's the reason BC didn't lose anything in the ground D when Raji was out.

3. Luis Murphy: Tall, physical WR that isn't your stereotypical Florida WR. He's big, he's fast, and I bet he's a better pro than college player statistically. He's also a good blocker, which is something I love to see in a big WR.

4. Courney Greene: Hmmm....tall, rangy Big East safety who is a solid tackler, good in coverage, good crowding the line, and a team leader drafted in the 4th...sound familiar?

5. Maurice Evans: If he falls this far, I know Ryan hasn't shyed away from "bad character" guys on the Ravens. Evans wouldn't fit the almighty "Mangini profile," but what Ryan sees is a big, fast pass rushing DE that just feel to the 5th round because he smoked weed. Ryan and Pettine will fix that with that pixie dust sh*t they have.

6. Kevin Huber: 'Cause it's just that time again. I like Hodges, but Huber'll probably be better.

7. CJ Davis: Big, road grading G that blcked for McCoy at Pitt. Alternate pick is Domonique Johnson, a big CB from Jackon State.

All of a sudden, Schotty and Clemens/whoever have toys to play with.

The D gets stocked with some talent.

I don't want to guess FA. If I have a wish list, it's Hayden/Robinson/Greer at CB, Karlos Dansby/Crowell/Leroy Hill/Bart Scott at LB, maybe Leonard Pope at TE, and maybe a couple O-line for depth.

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