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IF we decide to draft a Quarterback on April 25th...


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IMO Sanchez is a reach too. Very little experience (only 1 year) as a starter.

I agree with that as well, but there are a lot of QB hungry teams that will take a chance on him. He's a project as well, but he's got a lot of upside to become a franchise type QB. The other guys are either athletically gifted with accuracy issues or the run of the mill guys with little upside.

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124, between this and the Cassel thread it's been clear that you've been hitting the bong extra hard this weekend.

By Monday comes around your mind should be in a better place and you'll come to your senses.

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Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:56 am EDT

Headlinin': Can Nate Davis reconsider this whole 'draft' thing?

By Matt Hinton

What if they held a pro day and nobody came? Such was nearly the fate of early exiting Ball State quarterback Nate Davis on Friday, when only the Indianapolis Colts showed up to watch him throw to various Cardinal receivers on BSU's home field, and that's probably only because it wasn't much of a drive for them. For Nate's sake, I hope the Colts liked what they saw as much as the local Muncie Star Press and mentor Steve DeBerg: Davis' stock is apparently plummeting, from day one possibility to late-round afterthought due to his size, Ball State's shotgun-based offense and ball security issues (he has a weird grip on the ball and fumbled multiple times in both of BSU's season-ending losses to Buffalo and Tulsa).

So they have doubts about the kid. Isn't that the guy you want to take an extra look at? Even if you pull an Andre Smith at your workout, no fate can be worse than being ignored.


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Some QB's have unusual grips. Joe Namath had his index finger on the tip of the ball. If your hand is big enough, it doesn't matter if you use the laces or not.

Never saw the guy play, can't make a judgment. Ball State is kind of a small school to draft a guy first round, but Phil Simms was taken #7 overall and Morehouse St isn't even major college, so you never know.

Not to be picky, but Simms went to Morehead St. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Went to Morehouse...Did not play ball...

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