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You know what I like about Rex Ryan?

Jets Babe

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He can match.


Hey, Rex. That's a nice green tie...just like the Jets. Nice job, Rex.

Unlike this retard...


Durrr...my name is Eric Mangini and I don't know how to match. I also don't know that these 2 shades of blue look stupid together. I also was too cheap to have my suit tailored to me and thus, my sleeves are too long and I look like a little kid playing dress up in my dad's suit. Durrrr.

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hey, bill. that's a nice red tie. it matches with you teams colors. nice job.

yup, looks well tailored, not too much roping on the shoulder, and the shirt with the perfect collar for the suit and french cuffs shows that he needs whoever dressed him there to help him out on gameday so he doesn't look like the coach of the Rikers Inmate Team.

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