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Dunkin' Donuts debuts waffle sandwich

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Dunkin' Donuts, the Canton-based coffee-and-baked-goods chain, said it is introducing a waffle breakfast sandwich as part of a larger effort to give customers more breakfast choices.

In a press release, Dunkin' Donuts described the new entree as an "oven-toasted sandwich featuring cherrywood smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, and American cheese between two maple-infused waffles" that is available through March 17 at participating shops at a suggested retail price of $2.99.

According to the chain's executive chef, "the new Waffle Breakfast Sandwich is a significant milestone in Dunkin' Donuts' more than 50 year heritage of breakfast innovation," a company press release said.

"Today's customer demands a wider variety of quick, delicious breakfast choices," said the chef, Stan Frankenthaler, in a statement.

The waffle sandwich's continues Dunkin' Donuts' recent introductions of breakfast options, including Egg White Flatbread Sandwiches in 2008, the chain said.

Separately, Dunkin' Donuts said that small Lattes will be available, for 99-cents, at all participating shops throughout the New York Tri-State area

(By Chris Reidy, Globe staff)

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If DD Coffee disappeared, I would fall into a great depression and then kill people....

I seldom get food there, although I have purchased their flatbread/egg white/turkey sausage breakfast sandwich on a couple of occassions and it was pretty good.

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Those egg-white flatbreads are awful..

Might as well call it a "Blandwich" .

Its all relative... eat rice cakes for a week straight and I bet that egg white flatbread would taste like ti was intensely flavored...

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I'll take the local bagel store taylor ham, egg, and cheese over anything at Dunkin Donuts every day of the week.

Taylor Ham is the food of gods. Too bad I can't find any in the city or near where I live.

I just get a croissant or corn muffin in the morning--I don't like anything too heavy in the morning.

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