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Little Kid gets Stoned at the Dentist


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Really? No one?

haha I think this was played heavily yesterday. my kids insisted I see it as they thought it was histerical.

it is funny jbro but I had a bad experience on nitro at the dentist many years ago. I got way too much & never felt so sick ever.

couldn't walk outta there on my own & wanted to die for several hours til I finally fell asleep.

I was pretty young & fit and have since heard many stories of how wild & kinky both the dentist & nitro nurse were(both females)

I doubt anything happened but who knows. I was whacked out in the chair & they coulda removed all my teeth & I wouldn't have known.

stories about each were never together but some pretty wild things they did proved true.

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Alright, but was it posted here?

I was unaware that there was a 1 day window for internet humor.

I greatly appreciate the post and the video is funny. It's just this one went virile pretty quickly before you posted it.

My point is, once it gets to the radio, you know a lot of people have seen it already. That's probably the reason you haven't gotten many comments.

Jeep posting these. They're great!

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