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I got my first internship.

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With that moniker, how could anyone ever be a fan of the Jags? I mean, every time I hear that team's name on TV I bust out laughing. "Oh, yeah. Bill really supports the Jags." "Are the jags off this week?" "The Jags are an up and coming team." You could not write this stuff.

Nice stadium though.

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Coffee and handjobs.

I'm officially in the sports biz, I'm an intern with scout.com. ESPN, here I come!

Congrats and best of luck JB .

It would be hilarious if you somehow got stuck covering USF sports, that would be some pretty cruel irony.

But anyway, congrats.

i would die. i would seriously effing die. but thankfully i'm not...i'm primarily doing UCF, secondarily magic.

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sometimes i wish i was. stupid boys.

Some day, if you really want to see how high a post count for one can go, start a thread where you ask the guys on the board to guess which celebrity female you find hot or--ideally--would sleep with to fulfill a fantasy or guarantee the eradication of world hunger. Sooth's head will explode over that post count. :)

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Sounds like a great internship, and a ton of responsibility for an intern. I'm amazed those types of internships are out there myself, I'd never let an intern do similar types of responsibilities in any field, and I'd probably be wary of a new hire doing any of that for a year or two as well.

One of my friends has dreams of being a pro athlete and keeps bugging me to get exp at a talent agency and then be his agent afterwards. I'm fairly certain he'll never make it and my current occupation is just a so much more reliable paycheck, even in this economy, so I can never take a career like that seriously. I just don't have the guts or confidence to go into a field like that. But it looks like you're seriously chasing after your dream and you can get at it, so kudos to you. Just post up on here for the rest of us that aren't as familiar with you when you start getting onto ESPN.

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