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Lil Bit Special

**A-Rod Tested Positive For Steroids In 2003** [Merged 3X]

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I'm not going to hide the fact that I despise the Yankees.

However, I don't see how anyone can be happy with this news. Whatever you may think of A-Rod, he was on pace to get Bonds out of the record books and restoring the integrity of the records. Now baseball is stuck with a PED user being at the top of their record books.

Be that as it may, by far the worst news out of this is the fact that Gene Orza apparently tipped off players about upcoming "random" drug tests. That brings into question a number of different things. How many players escaped detection? What other parts of the contract were breached? Prior to this, I hated Don Fehr (not that I like Selig, either), but at least he was honest. I can't say that anymore.

I think this is really going to hurt baseball as a whole. Us diehard fans will be back, but if you remember the fallout after the cancellation of the World Series in '94, I fear something similar is could happen here.

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