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Fight escalates when brother hits sister with dog poo

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Three people were arrested after deputies said a fight started after a brother assaulted his sister with a pan full of dog poo.

Deputies were called to a residence on Princeton Road in Volusia County Monday afternoon after a report of a fight. The sister, Stacy Rash told officers that her brother Michael Rash was stuffing a pan filled with dog feces in her face and she told him to stop. The two began fighting and the brother grabbed her by the hair and began to drag her outside.

The sister said that as her brother dragged her outside, she believes she accidently hit her brother?s girlfriend Kaylee Whitrock. The girlfriend then struck the sister and the two began to fight. The brother separated the two and while the sister was being held back by the brother the girlfriend walked up and punched the sister. The girlfriend then grabbed a nearby broom and hit the sister on the head and face.

The fight was broken up when the mother of the sister and brother showed up. The brother then grabbed a loaded gun pointed it at the sister and the mother and told them that if they didn?t leave he would shoot them.

Deputies arrived and during their investigation the brother said that the fight started after a verbal argument over cleaning a dog crate escalated. According to the mother she knocked the gun away and the clip fell out. She said that she then picked up the clip and threw it across the street.

In the end deputies arrested the brother the sister and the girlfriend and charged all of them with domestic violence. In addition Michael Rash was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

All three were booked into the Volusia County jail.


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My Dad always pulled cranks on me as a kid.

One day I got back at him. We were throwing the football in the backyard. At one point he overthrew me and the ball went behind some bushes. I kneel down to pick it up, and right next to the ball was fresh pile of dog shyte our dog had left behind.

So I smeared dog shyte all over the ball, and threw it as hard as I could at my Dad. He was splashed with shyte: face, hands... I started laughing like the 12 year old idiot I was.

He was not amused. As a punishment he made me recopy the front page of the newspaper while the rest of the family went to an amusement park.

Some 20+ years later, he admits it was funny as ..well, shyt.

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