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Roberto Alomar Had Sex With Ilya Dall Knowing He Had AIDS

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Roberto Alomar has AIDS, his ex-girlfriend says, and she's brought a lawsuit against the former former major league second baseman, reports the Daily News.

The former New York Mets star was sued for allegedly having unprotected sex with Ilya Dall and not notifying her of his HIV status, all the while knowing he has full blown AIDS, according to the $15 million lawsuit obtained by the New York Daily News. The newspaper reports Dall told the newspaper she lived with the 12-time All-Star for three years and then watched as his health declined

Dall states that Alomar got tested in January 2006 while suffering from cough, fatigue and shingles, according to state and federal court papers obtained by the Daily News.

In the suit, the test results indicating Alomar was HIV-positive were given to him and the plaintiff on or about February 6, 2006. Nine days later, a disease specialist discovered a mass in Alomar's chest, according to the court papers. Alomar's skin turned purple and he was foaming at the mouth and a spinal tap "showed he had full blown AIDS," the newspaper reports.

Alomar, 41, ia a 10-time Gold Glove winner and played for San Diego, Toronto, Baltimore, Cleveland, the New York Mets, Chicago White Sox and Arizona. He was a lifetime .300 hitter with 210 homers and 1,134 RBI over a 17-year career.

He retired from baseball in 2005.


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You were hanging with Carlos Baerga and Bernard Gilkey?

You sure you werent in a gay bar?

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which one was you?

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I ran into two former Mets at a bar in '99, both of whom felt compelled to tell me and my friends that Piazza juiced.

Therefore, it must be true. ;)

if it comes out that piazza juiced...he immediately goes on the bonds/clemens/a-roid/giambi sh*t list.....and i'll never consider him a hof player again.

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