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Why does everyone say we're in a win now mode?


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Faneca, Woody, Ellis, Jenkins, Jones, Coles.

Those are the only players that we

really need to worry about due to age

right now. Jenkins is only on there cause

he's a large, large, man and 29 x 360 lbs

isnt the same wear and tear as a normal

person. Barton too, but I consider him

to be gone already.

Revis, Rhodes, Washington, Harris, Cotch,

Pace, Mangold, D'brick.

It's not exactly we dont have any relatively

young players to build a core around.

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pace is 28, jenkins 29.

The Jenkins move looks pretty damn spiffy, and

though Pace may have been overpaid it's not like

the front office thought we'd only get 2-3 years

out of him. A youngish player to be a main part

of our defense.

faneca probably has 3 good/decent years left.

woody 2?

Replacing Woody wouldn't be horribly expensive.

It's not like replacing an all-pro. Serviceable tackle.

Favre was def. a win now mode, but it's not like him

being gone takes out our core.

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I think most people feel that way because of the spending spree we went on last season and the players were brought in were all vets....Favre, Richardson, Woody, Faneca, Pace, Jenkins.

Those were win now moves.

Exactly right. With the big bucks spent on free agents last year we have a narrower window to win than other teams. That's probably why they brought in Favre last year. It just didn't work out. ::GoJets:

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Because it's better than being in the lose-now mode we've been in for my career as a Jets Fan.

Last offseason made us a veteran team. Our second and third year players have matured. There's no reason why we should expect a losing season this year and a winning season in 2 years with the same roster. The window on the current roster is steadily closing, not opening.

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Because "win later" never works.

You rebuild through the off season every year in the NEW NFL. There are no more 3 year plans. No more multi-year rebuilding.

You try to put the most competitive team, with the most player depth on the field every year and make a shot at the playoffs and Super Bowl.


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