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2009 NFL Draft 'this and thats' thread


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Kipers latest on Univ North Carolinas upcoming draftees..I would LOVE to streal one of the 2 top UNC WRs

Kiper: On UNC prospects:

"There you look at [WR] Hakeem Nicks as the top guy. I compare him a little bit to Michael Irvin [former Miami and Dallas Cowboys star]. Michael Irvin didn't have the great 40 time but certainly had great natural pass-receiving skills, had great hands, tough, good route runner. That's what Hakeem Nix is.

If his 40 time is good enough, he'll be a first-round pick. If it's an average-to-mediocre 40 time, he'll probably be a second-round pick. It's a shame that [WR/KR] Brandon Tate got hurt, or he would have been a second-round pick. Now, he's probably a fourth- or fifth-round guy. [WR] Brooks Foster, probably more of a fifth- or sixth-round guy. Garrett Reynolds, the right tackle, probably a sixth- or seventh-rounder.

"I like Trimane Goddard as an undrafted free agent. I'm not sure he'll get drafted, but he's an instinctive safety, very smart, good hands, made a lot of big plays during his career. He's the kind of guy who's [usually] an undrafted free agent because he's not all that big [5-11, 195], and he doesn't run all that well, 40-time-wise. You might be able to get this kid undrafted, bring him into camp, and he might be able to help you."[url=http://w3.ibm.com/jct03019wt/bluepages/searchByName.wss?uid=807662897&task=viewrecord]

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