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Think Saints are this years 'Cinderella' story?

Think the Saints are this years 'Cinderella' story?  

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  1. 1. Think the Saints are this years 'Cinderella' story?

    • Yes, the fire is lit. They have the drive that no others have.
    • No, they will still fall short because they are the Saints.

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Reading the article of Joe Horn visiting NO refugees and how it gave him hope and the drive to play football. It made me wonder on how deep their drive goes and would it effect the team emotionally and mentally. Having the drive that no one else does, will their level of play take a dive from the recent tragedy or will it push them to new heights?

I believe we quite possibly have a cinderella story on our hands. Thoughts?

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No, because they are still the Saints.

As long as Aaron Brooks is quarterbacking that team, they won't do anything significant. I can see them making the playoffs in the weak NFC, but they have zero chance at winning it all. In addition to their terrible quarterback, their defense is atrocious.

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I voted No but I thought the explanation next to it was too harsh. The problem is they have such a big hurdle in front of them now. Even making the playoffs would be really rough.

8 extra road games? That is not kind.

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Maybe he will throw a few more backward passes to his Rb or better yet his OL. Not a very good leader, however he always has a smile on his face. So if he's enjoying himself, then leave him alone. I'm just glad i'm not a fan.

THis years cinderella story:Panthers

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not a chance.

Problems with the Saints in 2005.

Brooks is still their QB

Haslett is still their HC

Their Defense sucks

Entirely way too much drama in their lives.

Their preseason has been disrupted and their lives will stay that way

The away trips and stress from the hurricane related things will make the team implode by week 7.

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