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ESPN: A-Rod's cousin identified

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the getty images watermark across his face.

it was a joke. Kinda like the Mets the past 2 seasons.

Oh flew over my head. I think the Yankees need a photographer these pictures are awful.











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Are you for real???

My opinions on how he sounded to me is not an assumtion of anything, it's how he sounded to me. I am not saying it's fact, only how it sounded to me.

I do not expect him to sound good or be a public speaker, but I do expect someone who is supposedly reading something they wanted to read, to sound like they belived it and saw it before.

LOL....yes he is. Pinstripes can do no wrong in his eyes and that's ok to a point.

You are correct. Everyone with any sense came away from that presser that it was a crock of BS put together by the Yankees. Since it's a fairly reguar occurence you'd think they'd be better at it by now. I defended ARod as a Mets fan here for a couple of years now and I in no way shape or form believe anything he said. Trust me, there are so many reporters digging into this now ARod may become Clemens before this is all done.

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