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Angels and Demons (The Da Vinci Code II) Trailer


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Hope its better than The Da Vinci Code.

Seriously. I wasn't surprised that they made the Da Vinci Code into a movie, but I wish they hadn't. It never seemed like a book that could be adapted exactly for a movie, considering they had segments of the book where Langdon would be just thinking or describing something for a solid couple pages. There is no way that you can just have Tom Hanks sitting there for 10 minutes explaining past art history. But, oh well.

I was hoping that if they did make these movies they would cast a more obscure actor, considering they didn't need a movie-star draw to attract viewers, people were going to see it anyways. Also, they said that Langdon looked like a young Harrison Ford in the book, so I was thinking they should have gotten someone younger and better looking.

But i digress, this trailer does look better and Ewan McGregor never seems to let down, so we shall see.


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All I needed to see was the mention of "Illuminati". Pass.

My pyscho "brother inlaw" believes that the US is run by an alien shadow govt. Oh yes, he's cuckoo.

Ask him about Zeta 2 Reticuli.

Seriously ask him, but say you overhead some men in Black suits at the mall discussing that term...then say 'They looked like FBI guys or something, and say 'Do you know what that term means?"

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