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Put on espnews! (Crosby vs Ovie?)


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Even on his worst day, OVECHKIN > CROSBY.

Have you seen how teams are intentionally yapping at and checking Crosby lately? They're going out of their way to yap at him and get him into running pissing matches on the ice and he's buying it, hook, line and sinker.

Past couple Pens games I've watched, the on-ice commentator has remarked about how much teams are giving it verbally to Crosby on the ice and how he's allowing them to get under his skin.

If Ovechkin was North American, he'd easily be the face of the league.......but Bettman has his mouth wrapped around Crosby's penis so far it can't be removed.

I have no love for the NHL's self-annointed saviors of the league, when I saw the lack of respect the Wings got/still get after their cup win. NHL hates the fact that a team full of Swedes put it to the rest of the league and their poster child Crosby.

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