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why dont the Jets get Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin?


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Brett Favre was great at Age 39, and awful at Age 40.

All I'm saying is Warner at Age 38 next year isn't too far off from the point of diminishing returns, it may even be next season, especially considering he hasn't been very durable. Before this year, his last 16 game season was 2001.

I'm not willing to pay him what it would take to acquire him, which is north of 12 million a year if you've been paying attention to his negotiations with the Cardinals.

Boldin, on the other hand, is the right age to be a nice target for us, although he's not really a true downfield threat and only has 2 16 game seasons in the books himself, still he's a tremendous player so you can probably overlook those flaws.

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