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Haynesworth Signs 7 Year $100 Million with Redskins


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On the Skins message board, some fans are embarrassed some are extremely happy.

"So who gets released to accommodate this latest splurge???

Good God, our FO is clueless ... just clueless.

Not even 6:00 AM, and I need a drink."

santana moss, toast, for those ridiculous 2nd round receivers, Jason Taylor see ya, springs or smoot, wah wah.

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Is there a team in the NFL that can compete with the Redskins and their inept free agent signings?

Oakland 2008 signings:

Kwame Harris $5M/yr (released)

Gibril Wilson $6.5M/yr (released)

Tommy Kelly $7.2M/yr (though technically it was the night before he became a FA)

Javon Walker $9M/yr

DeAngelo Hall $10M/yr (released)

Drew Carter $2M (free agent in '09)

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I think people should ease up just a tad until they see what the deal actually is. Haynesworth said he wanted to be the first $100 million man, but who knows if his contract has $50 or so million in the last 2 years or something, which he won't see.

$40 million guaranteed is a lot, but didn't jared allen get something like $32 mill guaranteed??

I'm not saying it's a good signing, but we have to wait to see what the contract is before we claim it the worst ever.

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