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Scott signs with Jets! ($8M/yr)


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Cimini says it's done:

Free agent linebacker Bart Scott agrees to six-year deal with Jets: Source

By Rich Cimini


Updated Friday, February 27th 2009, 5:35 PM


Bart Scott

UPDATE: It's done. Again.

After several hours of high-stakes negotiations with the Jets and Ravens, coveted linebacker Bart Scott has agreed to sign with the Jets, according to a league source.

The deal is believed to be for $48 million over 6 years, but the last year is an option.

The Jets can stop sweating. The two sides agreed in principle late in the morning, but Scott's agent rekindled talks with the Ravens, fueling speculation that Scott was going to jilt the Jets.

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Have we witnessed the birth of a new JN catchphrase?


Basically, just randomly drop it at the end of sentences.

"Scott is gonna make us much stronger out our ILB position and improve those next to him. I'm so excited to go see a game this year, where YOU WON'T LEAVE ALIVE."

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Jets had 'no doubt' they would sign Scott icon_report_hi.gif

February 27, 2009 10:13 PM

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham Contrary to reports the New York Jets were sweating out Bart Scott's contract situation Friday, head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum claimed they had the situation under control.

"No doubt whatsoever," Ryan said Friday night on a conference call.

Tannenbaum repeatedly said he wouldn't get into specifics of the negotiations. Scott reportedly agreed to a five-year, $40 million contract but wanted to give his old team, the Baltimore Ravens, a chance to match. In the end, he signed for six years, $48 million.

While the Jets were trying to finalize the Scott deal, negotiations with guard Chris Kemoeatu fell apart.

"It was pretty much business as usual for a first day of free agency," Tannebaum said. "I never sensed the tenseness myself."

Ryan said he and Scott were so relaxed while waiting for the contract to be finalized that they and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine took a stroll at the Mall at Short Hills near the Jets facility.

"We were just trying to kill some time," Ryan said. "Today's contracts, they're not just a one-line deal. It's 60 pages of stuff, like you're buying a house. We were watching tape, and I just said 'Let's just go to the mall or something.' "

If you stop and think of it, spending $48 million on a human being should be more complicated than buying a house.

hell, couldn't they have logged onto JN to calm some nerves ?


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here's the thing about "breaking news" about FA's and trades and draft picks;

The info is almost always leaked by someone who has a vested interest in the info getting out.

Almost none of it is intrepid reporters going through garbage cans looking for travel itineraries or whatever

everything we heard about yesterday was a simple agent leak trying to get his guy more money


always ask yourself, "who benefits from this info getting out ?"

The runaway linebacker


Linebacker Bart Scott may not be as eager to join the Jets as he initially appeared.

David Bergman/SI

For my money, this Bart Scott saga is turning into the melodrama of the day. According to a Ravens official I just talked to, Scott's agent, Harold Lewis, indeed re-contacted Baltimore general manager Ozzie Newsome about Scott right before Newsome was heading off to attend the Domonique Foxworth news conference at Ravens headquarters.

The word is that Scott feels that Jets general manager Mike Tannebaum has "reneged'' on some part of the contract that Scott thought he had already agreed to, and now Scott is re-thinking his decision. It could be the guaranteed dollars in the first two years of the deal, or some other less important detail; my source doesn't know for sure. The bottom line is that Scott feels some promises that were made have not come to fruition in the fine print of the final contract.

The Ravens, for their part, are monitoring the situation and asking to be kept updated, but Newsome has not taken Lewis' bait and raised Baltimore's offer, which is firm at five years at $37.5 million, with $24 million in the first three years of the deal.

But here's the craziest part of this story: This has happened with Scott before, where he got a case of cold feet right before being faced with leaving Baltimore. In 2006, Scott, then a reserve linebacker for the Ravens, was making a free agent visit to Cleveland, where the general manager was then Phil Savage, the former Ravens personnel man. The Browns thought they had a deal done with Scott, but at the last minute he asked to use the bathroom and called Newsome from a men's room stall. He told Newsome he wanted to remain a Raven and asked for his best offer, and accepted it on the spot.

"You've heard of the runaway bride?'' the Ravens source said. "Bart's the runaway linebacker. He's done this before.''

So there you have it, up to the minute. Scott may be a Jet by the time you read this, or he may be speed-dialing Newsome back and returning to Baltimore. Maybe from the men's room of the Jets new team complex.

You can't make this stuff up.

-- D. Banks (4:20 p.m. ET)

what I got from this is the word on the street with the agents is go after tanny's reputation he got from kendall and baker that he broke a promise, and the player is available

for a higher price, of course ;)

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