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Antoine Winfield part 2???


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Ravens' offer up to 5/42.

Bidding war continues between New York Jets and Ravens for LB Bart Scott

by Dave Hutchinson Friday February 27, 2009, 2:53 PM

My guy in Baltimore just told me that the Ravens have increased their offer to linebacker Bart Scott to five-years, $42 million. Wow.

Scott is still at the Jets' Florham Park training complex but he has yet to sign the dotted line and both sides have taken off the gloves. As I said earlier, the Jets are $29 million under the cap compared to just $19 million for the Ravens but that doesn't seem to matter.

I'm told that Jets coach Rex Ryan is determined to get Scott to sign with the Jets and will stop at nothing.


Stay tuned.

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At this point. I'd be surprised if he were signed.


Unfortunately, I have to agree.

By the way, when I went to lunch everything was good. Scott had "signed" and the Jets were closing in on the Mad Hawaian. I come back and everything has fallen apart.

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I think Bart Scott wants to stay in Baltimore if he gets assurances that Ray Lewis will be gone. He'll be the centerpeice of the defense then...

JETS are merely being used to drive the price up.

If the Ravens can't win with Ray Lewis, I highly dought they'll win without him.

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Adam Schien and everyone on the NFL Network is talking like this is a done deal.

I have been watching for the last hour and nothing has been metioned about a battle between the two teams.

We're all lucky for 2 things:

1) JiF is a lazy bastard and took the day off, and

2) JiF has the NFLN

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