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So what does our DEFENSE look like?


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As of right now:

DE - Ellis

DE - Coleman

NT - Jenkins

OLB - Pace

OLB - Thomas

ILB - Harris

ILB - Scott

CB - Revis

CB - Sheppard ***UPDATE***

SS - Rhodes

FS - Elam


Gholston alternates with Coleman on passing downs.

Jets draft a CB and Lowery moves to nickel.

Jets sign Leonhard as SS and Rhodes moves to FS.

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screw signing a safety, i'd like to see Elam and Lowery fight it out in 09. I know neither are proven but it isn't as dire a position when you have a good front seven like the jets probably do (especially if we draft a DE in round 1).

Gholston really needs to turn his ship around and start preforming. It would be huge if he could.

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DE - Kenyon Coleman

NT - Kris Jenkins

DE - Shaun Ellis

OLB - Calvin Pace

ILB - Bart Scott

ILB - David Harris

OLB - Vernon Gholston / Bryan Thomas

CB1 - Darrelle Revis

S - Kerry Rhodes

S - ??? Most likely Jim Leonhard

CB2 - ??? Trying to deal for Lito Sheppard

Nickelback - ??? Closing in on deal for Corey Ivy

No more Dwight Lowery starting! :yahoo:

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