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Mike Tannenbaum conference call At 9


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On Jim Leonhard…

RYAN: Number one, he looks like the guy who delivers papers next door (laughing). He’s a smart player. He had the (Ravens helmet radio last season). He’s got a lot of poise. Very sure of himself. For some reason, I guess he gets saddled with (a label) because he is short, but this guy is an outstanding athlete. He won two slam dunk contests at the University of Wisconsin. He is an outstanding punt returner. I always say he can catch a punt in a hurricane. He’s got great hands. He’s a smart, tough, passionate guy. You try to build your team with those kinds of players.

I didn't realize that he was the Ravens top punt returner with an 11.6 yard average on 20 returns. That's better than Washington's 10.4 on 29. One of the things I'd hope they'd find this offseason was a way to get Leon out of the punt returning business - and into more touches on offense.

Sign this beast!

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