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Mike Tannenbaum Appreciation Thread


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I'm 100% in disagreement with you on that one. 2003 was walking proof he's a #1 WR and has walked in the shadow of Fitz since. 101 Rec 1377 yards and 8 TDs in his rookie year -- coming out of college AS A QB! Sure stats are a misleading thing but Boldin for the production he's put up in the past is a #1, like it or not without Fitz. If Ryan's idea going into the draft is selecting a WR, I say you chase after Boldin and extend him to finish his career in NY. He's got the size (6,1 219), hands and speed to break out a long TD. Cotchery is a solid compliment and the Jets could use a big reciever especially if we have two young QBs behind center

I also think he is a true number 1, but he has to stay on the field.

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Fair enough CTM. CTM came into this thread blazing though...CTM has taken it down a noch since.

CTM is starting to see the light in mix of darkness.

CTM's gun's were blazing by suggesting the ititty's e-reacharound was premature?

CMT disagrees

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